JuristGate: Invoices for worthless Swiss legal insurance

The Swiss JuristGate scandal (the original blog about it) has caused an unreasonable interruption for my business, my clients and my family.

This new site has been created to tell the JuristGate story in more detail. (Version francais: JuristeGate Suisse).

These are the invoices for the worthless Swiss legal insurance.

On the 2021 invoice, the company name is just Parreaux, Thiébaud & Partners. On the 2022 invoice, the company name has been changed to Justicia SA. Why did the name and corporate structure change?

The 2021 invoice is signed by the founder and managing partner, Mathieu Parreaux. Parreaux was a director of the new structure, Justicia SA. Why did Mathieu Parreaux put the name of a subordinate (Dos Reis Miguel) on the 2022 invoice?

Mathieu Parreaux Dos Reis Miguel